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  • In the last article of PUBG Mobile 0.19.0, I updated you on some of the map changes in the cheer park that will help you more to become a Pro player. 

  • The Top 5 new legendary features which are added into the game some events, changes, New Maps and fixes into the game.

  • Today I will give you updates that we will see they have done some exciting changes some of the problems which we were facing they have fixed.

I hope in this next update, the PUBG developers will fix all the problems server speed that our ping issues will get solved and also the matchmaking time in TDM.

New Features Which I will discuss:

  1. Control Settings Fixed

  2. Added Hide and Disable Section

  3. New Mode Added In Arena

  4. NEW EVENT ADDED Unranked Classic

  5. New Events Added in Classic Mode:

Let's Dive right into the Topic.

So here are The Top Most New Features coming in PUBG MOBILE New Update 0.19.0


#1. Control Settings Fixed:

In the controls, there were some things which we cant set as it was fixed some of the stuff like kill feed it was fixed Until last update 0.18.0

 Now in this next update, you can edit kill feed as you want button size smaller or bigger.

Some of the Players reported that this should be customizable because, in a standard size, it becomes harder to see feeds.

You can keep that where ever you want to rotate it. When we have to kill the enemy, it becomes a problem to spot them.

As for this for the beta version, we will see this update very soon.

If you Don't Know when we will get the update so check this out you will get more information:

 Top 5 New Things Coming in PUBG Mobile Cheer Park 2.0 New Update 0.19.0

You should not make kill feed too smaller as if you play elite customs, then you cant see which team killed the player.

Adjust it to your viewability. This is one of the small updates, but it's very cool.

#2. Added Hide and Disable Section:

Now, if you want to disable buttons, they have given option to hide it some players play with three-finger.

 Who wants to do practice with three-finger we press the shoot button with our thumb, so now if you wish to hide the shoot button, you can do that.

Not only Shoot Button, if you want to disable any other button, but you can also do that easily.


#3. New Mode Added In Arena

This New Mode Gun Game Comes with a map Library in that there will be a match with 4v4, but it's not like TDM; they have made some changes in it.

  • We will be given some guns; there will be no loadout in the lobby first; you will be given vector and uzi.


In that, we have to kill 18 times in every kill your gun will be changed one player who completes this task the teams win.

This Mode is exciting for players because in every kill, the gun changes, so now if you play this Mode, your performance in-game will get more improvement as you will test more guns.

#4: NEW EVENT ADDED Unranked Classic

This Feature is more exciting, and the most significant update, and also i need this update will explain whats this about.

When we want to do a practice like solo vs. squad, so we play our normal classic Mode by this we face problem is our rank gets down if you die early.


For practice, we usually play TDM, we switch into FPP or playing into another server.

 The problem is sorted now "No Score Is Kept" like we play solo vs. squad we don't have more practice sometimes, we get panic to face those situations.

Now Our rating will be secured, and now we can play as much you want to do the practice.

In TDM also we can not play solo vs. squad, so this is the most awaited thing for all gamers.

This event consists of every map you want to try like Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi.

#5. New Events Added in Classic Mode:

The Events Which will be Added In the game is : 

    1.Erangle - The Ancient Secret

    2.Miramar -The Ancient Secret

New Events Added in Classic Mode
So When you enter the lobby, 100 players will be joined when the timer comes in the 40 seconds the ancient God will arrive.

PUBG -The Ancient Secret

It looks very pretty amazing and also in-game of the event you will see a lot of difference the temple will be added to that map.

In this image now you can see there are three floating temples in that when the game starts, it will float; you can walk through it.

It's like the Sanhok temple; there will be a lot of things you can collect guns, smoke, grenades whatever you need.

There are some specific places where you can find the temple on the map, and when the match starts, it will also float for some seconds in the game.

So This is the Overview of the map where you can land there will be lots of teams.

When the temple floats at the same time, all three temples will bypass each other by that you can also kill some players.

You can also spot enemy when it is flying, and even if you can accidentally jump, you will not die; the parachute will get opened.

Don't try to jump on the floating things; you can't walk through it.

At the same time, all the temples will get into one line; it will vanish at the same moment.

In the Miramar Map also You will see lots of differences in the ancient Secret. 

I will give more information in the next article i got to know some tips or things added in the game.


So This much update i got to know that we will see in the PUBG MOBILE 0.19.0 I hope you got all the updates which i shared in the article.

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