The 3 Best latest Gaming Blogs That Everyone Should Bookmark (Best Guide)

Searching for Gaming Websites for daily updates, web gamer news, Gaming Blogs.

Do You Know how to become a pro gamer? What about the gaming reviews? Or Want to know the best gaming steamers??

If you need some help from the gaming community, then the internet is full of guidance. But which Site should you head when you need some advice in gaming? 

Here are 3 different Blogs that everyone needs to have saved in their notes or bookmarks.


If you are gamer enthusiastic, then you should know this Site. As the PC Gamer is covering PC gaming for more than 20 years, so they have a team that gives daily updates as there staff who offers a new update about events, esports coverage, hardware testing, and gaming reviews.

The list of categories is massive. There are News, Reviews, Hardware, Indie, Best of, Magazine, Forum, and more, to name just a few.


In terms of Content, the verge is similar to Pc Gamer. The Main Difference is that the verge has more Content to explore.

The Site is divided into seven categories Tech, Reviews, Science, Creators, Entertainment, Video, and more.

As they are famous in every category, they also have Podcasts, Newsletters, and stores.

This gaming blog is also the best choice for exploring events, Science, Entertainment.


As you all know, the BBC is also and popular website where they give news of all over the world as they are operational 24/7.

Here You will find the latest gaming news as it is operated by Public gaming writers.

There are thousands of articles about News, Tech, Science, Sports and also they are specialized in business you will find on this website.

The 3 sites we’ve listed cover a broad range of topics and hobbies, but we know our selections are nowhere near exhaustive.

 We’d love to hear which sites you’d add to the list. Make sure you reach out and let us know in the comments below.

And also, If You want to get some gaming tips and tricks so you can check out our other articles.

In the Future, This article will be updated with more Gaming Blogs in 2020, So Stay Tuned.......

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