Top 5 New Things Coming in PUBG Mobile Cheer Park 2.0 New Update 0.19.0

Pubg Mobile Will set to introduce its new update soon with its unique features in 0.19.0. 

According To our Research, you will get the update globally in July 2020. As I found Some useful Features I thought it has to be also shared with you.

On that note, I have played the beta version of Pubg Mobile As I want to share the new exciting things which are added in the game.

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As I am very excited to get this update in the global version. The Royale Pass of Season 13 ends on 12th July 2020. 

That means players will be able to buy Season 14 Royale Pass from 14th July 2020.

Pubg 0.19.0  Features In Cheer Park 2.0:

In The Cheer Park, You will see That There will be lots of changes. Made By developers. 

In the map of the cheer park, you see different types of scenes that have been updated in its area and training mode.

The Five Points Of Cheer Park Which I have Discussed in the blog:

  1. New Features in the Firing zone

  2. Added Hot Air Ballons in Cheer Park
  3. Added Events
  4. Size Of the Trampoline Changed
  5. Golden Merado Car Added

#1:New Features in the Firing zone

In the map, you will find the firing zone when you will go into that you will find the ranking chart where it will show the points how much you have earned.

There you will see an option for starting training mode you can choose any gun which you want to do practice with. 

Then you can see that the targets will be appearing in front of you. Who wants to be pro in Pubg Mobile you can do training here.

In the previous cheer park, you have seen when you do practice some players block the area by cars, so now in this update, they cant do it developers had blocked the ramp and also we can not stand in the middle of the ramp.

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#2: Added Hot Air Ballons in Cheer Park

In the cheer park there you will see so many Hot Air ballons you can control it.

 I enjoyed that to control it. I hope that the developer will add this in also.

#3: Added Events 

As I try to this that, but it was not working, I think I am playing in the beta version. Therefore, it's not working can't use that, but you see in that shop energy drink is kept, and there is an option to steal it. 

When I click on that, it shows the event is not added, yet I don't know more about this Anonymous event, but I will keep you updated if I got something.

I will keep you updated if they add some more events only this I got to know.

#4: Size Of the Trampoline Changed

In the cheer park 2.0, you see the size of the trampoline has been changed; its height is increase and width also. 

It's Working Perfectly I thought there will be some changes but into jumps but the same as we use to.

#5: Golden Merado Car Added

It will Spawn In the normal parking zone of the map, you can try it when we get the official update. 

Its speed and handling are the same as we drive in the Miramar.

So this is the five things I have seen until in the cheer park; if they add some more things will keep you updated.

In 0.19.0 In Normal Game Plays, they will update Kill effect Settings. This is the most Awaited Update in Pubg Mobile global version.

I will share with you some more about in  Pubg Mobile 0.19.0 Updates In Next Post.

So Stay Tuned For The Next Post.

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