Top 10 PUBG Mobile Deadly Mistakes Done Both Beginners and Those Still Mastering

 Pubg Mobile or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds the game everyone likes it's pretty simple on the surface, but for Beginners, it becomes the toughest part to manage.

Will also Discuss Some Things That Every Advanced Player Do in the game I will give you Some tips and tricks that you should follow to fix those mistakes leads us to become noob in the game.

PUBG beginners guide

#1: Deadly Mistake (Fighting Without Cover)

  • Having a cover is a significant advantage in PUBG; it allows you to avoid damage and gunshots, and also you can quickly heal up and peek to engage your enemy!

  •  Fighting without cover is the deadliest mistake Pubg players can make try to use any type of object as your cover example like vehicles bridges trees rocks etc.
In this situation, You can use grenades it will become better to tackle it. You can also check Top 10 PUBG Mobile Legendary Tips & Tricks (Grenade Guide) 

Any of these will do the work and gives you some extra time to think and engage if you decide you fight an enemy without any cover then you better kill your enemy quickly because you have
nowhere to go if you miss any shots!

And also, try not to throw grenades without any protection; your enemies can able to hear the grenade opening sound.

#2: Not being Prepared For Early Fights

  •  Early fights are frequent in Pubg as many players will choose to hot drop for instant action or for instant kills.

So before you engage in first fights make sure you have a decent gun with a helmet and vest then you have a higher chance of winning the battles always wait for your enemies to push at you in this
the way you can easily win the battles.

  However, most people prefer to land in a more distant location away from other players so they can loot up safely, but this doesn't mean early fights don't happen, and not being prepared for first battles is a big mistake deadly mistake.

#3: Miss Handling Grenades 

Most people throw grenades without cooking, and it will give plenty of time for the opponent to
get away, including myself, I used to throw grenades without cooking at all. It gave enough time for enemies to getaway.

 So the perfect way to cook grenade is cooking till three seconds or two seconds. If the enemy is so close in this way, your enemy will not have enough time to escape or move out of their position, so they have no other option than dying to grenade.

 Here is another example:
Cook until two to three seconds before throwing anyway throw a grenade only if you think there
would be an enemy in this way your enemies will freak out and start
panicking so you can kill them quickly.

#4: Over Exposing Yourself or Not Leaning 

Overexposing yourself, our body peeking can be very dangerous and completely unnecessary instead of peeking with your entire body make sure you lean out to avoid being an easy target for your enemy.

Try not to expose your body while taking TPP example like this try to use these lean options to get much better TPP and your body won't be overexposed an instance like this your body won't be
overexposed, and you will have a smaller hitbox or like this deadly mistake.

#5: Not Changing Position When Spotted 

  • When you've been spotted in combat, your enemy will know exactly where you are and exactly where to aim for example I placed this enemy on top of this building I tried shooting, but I couldn't get a right angle.

  • So I was trying to get a better angle, and I found, but the enemy didn't change his position at all, so it is crucial to change your location if you've been spotted.

  •  Because if you don't, then you will be a straightforward, predictable target, so it's highly recommended to change your position when you think you've been spotted.

 #6: Tunnel Vision

  •  Don't remain focused on one spot or on an enemy position for too long, always scan your surroundings to avoid getting flanked.

  • When you are in a gunfight, and you spotted an enemy, and you haven't seen him for a couple of seconds, and you have to assume that player has moved or repositioning to attack you differently.

  • Always be careful when this happens and is looking in all directions to see if anyone approaching you and try changing your position if you think your enemy already spotted you.

7#: Bad Looting Habits 

  • When someone wins a gunfight, and then they immediately start looting at this moment most players should carry extra utilities like smoke grenades there is zero harm and throwing smoke grenades on the loot boxes.

  •  In the open knew if you really need some loot, the habit of running directly to a loot box after a fight is also a bit of bad practice.

  •  Trying to take a look around and see if you can spot anyone because gunfire attracts players like nothing else in this game, so try to throw smoke grenades were you going to loot or at least check if anyone is near you!

#8: Pairing Weapons Inefficiently 

  • The weapon balance patch has made SMG's much more popular, especially easy with that scope attachment, and also people started using DMR's as well.

  •  The keys to selecting the perfect weapons are being prepared for any situations as possible using uzi, and the sniper rifle is an overall effective weapon combination for an SMG s and a bolt-action sniper.

 But leaves you with some gaps in mid-range engagements, and you should probably try to avoid a situation where you are unable to deal with a specific type of gunfights and if you have to take the fight in mid-range.

Which SMGs are weak in mid-range so you have to rely on skills shots with a sniper rifle if your target has DMR's or an assault rifle they can put pressure on you from the ranges you can't easily
deal with.

 There are many situations where easy and sniper are excellent, but in the game of averages, you want to select the weapon that useful everywhere.

 An example like m416 with mini-14 you get ammo synergy and precision at mid-range
and long-range if SMGs are really your preference then I would recommend pairing with mini-14 because it has high bullet speed which is really good and mid and long-term one of the main things
you should be aware when it's time to trade out weapons depending on situations.

#9: Not Paying Attention To Your Sound

Everyone knows that your sound is essential in Pubg, but many aren't paying attention or perhaps are playing with deficient volume, or even a few people play without headphones anyway.

 #10: Not optimizing your sensitivity settings

Sensitivity settings are incredibly complicated to get at right, especially for your particular device. A lot of people don't have their optimized settings either. They simply copy and paste settings of someone else and thinking it would work fine; however, that particular sensitivity settings are not built for your mobile.

And this can cause issues, and you can be smart about your settings and figure out what works for you and your device because each and every phone has different touch sensitivity and touch refresh rate, and the hardware will be different.

 So it's always better to
figure out your own sensitivity settings.

Tip Of The Day:  Missing looter 

Over looting these, both are massive mistakes to your gameplay missing loot
is something that even the most experienced players are gonna do time to time, especially in the high-pressure situations and when there is a lot of loot to sort through, and you need.

Something specific no Pubg player is never gonna have 100% loot accuracy, and you shouldn't try to
and if you attempt to do that, you will waste a lot of time or spend too much time looting, so it's better to take essentials and take the items that you are absolutely going to use them.

If you have any additional tips of your own, let me know them in the comments.

Best of luck getting those Chicken Dinners!

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