PUBGM Lite, Download Size, Supported Systems, Maps, (Ultimate Beginner Guide)

PUBGM lite was launched in Thailand in January 2019, and in Europe, it was launched in October. The people were eagerly waiting because the game was made for those who have low-end devices.

As there successor PUBGM, which needs as much 3gb ram and also needs some storage; as a result, Tencent Gaming Community decided to launch it for having low-end devices.

As the people were started to requesting  Tencent Gaming for the Liter version of the app. 

As the PUBGM lite is an online multiplayer battle royale game where it features a smaller map made up for  60 players.

 Here is Everything you need to know about PUBGM lite, from its map and system requirements, and much more.

PUBGM Lite Download Size

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG Lite) it requires only 600MB of space in your device.

 You Know that PUBG, which requires more storage for installation 1.5 Gb of data in the device.

As they have made the lighter version of the game, it's more interesting as they focused on low-end devices also. 

If some have low-end devices, they can easily enjoy their gaming experience.

PUBGM Lite Supported Devices

PUBGM lite Minimum System Requirements

  • Supported Devices: Android, IOS
  • Ram: 1Gb(Minimum)
  • Online connection requirements: 192kbps or faster Internet connection

According to Tencent Gaming Community, they have focused on making this game for low-end devices as their PUBG Mobile game needs more ram, so if someone has low-end devices, they could feel the gaming experience. 

There are also some ios users; they can't support the game, so developers have also made this for PUBG lite ios users.

This is the Minimum settings for your low-end devices; this configuration allows you the video quality at 30 frames per second at low settings.

PUBGM lite Maximum System Requirements

  • Supported Devices: Android, IOS
  • Ram: 2Gb(Maximum)
  • Online connection requirements: 192kbps or faster Internet connection
This is the Maximum settings for your middle-end devices; this configuration allows you the video quality at 50 frames per second at low settings.

PUBGM Lite Price

As the PUBG Developers have made this game free for everyone as you can play this game in your device quickly, you don't have to pay any money for this.

 But there are some in-game purchases if you want to buy its not mandatory that you should go shopping.

PUBGM Lite Updates:

Tencent gaming developers are focusing on the best gaming experience for the players, so they are updating the game and fixing some of the problems if the player is facing. 

If you want to know their patch notes, you can take follow up from the there official website Patch Notes 0.16.0.

In their latest update of PUBGM Lite 2020  Patch Notes 0.16.0, they have added some cool stuff that you can enjoy.
  •  Varenna Spring, the map has been added to the game. 

  • Picnic Baskets with Flare Guns and Paint Grenades can be found under some Cherry Blossom trees.

  • Flare Gun: It will be used when you enter into the match when you collect the weapons and some items in some area you can find out this in map Summons an AirDrop 
  • Paint Grenades: Splashes enemies with spring colours

  • Map: Added a shelter (with resources) to the North, fine-tuned the industrial area to the Southwest Factory.

  • When we open the Main menu of the PubgLiteM, it has been updated to the Spring Theme.
This is the latest update that they have given in the future; they will update more as there are focusing on low-end devices, so they have made textures and game resolution low to support the potato device.

PUBGM Lite Maps:

The Tencent developers have made 2 modes in the game:

  1. Battle Royal Mode
  2. Arcade Mode

1.Battle Royal: There are Two maps added in the game 

1. Varenga

2. Golden Woods in that map 60 players can be joined together, and you can play the match in solo, duo, and squad mode. 

You have to last until the blue zone and one which team or individual last wins the game with Winner Chicken Dinner.


2.Arcade Mode: In the Arcade Mode, There Will be 4 options.

  1. Tdm:Warehouse: In the Tdm warehouse, you have to play 4v4; there will option to pick guns for the fight, and it's like a minimap where the players join.
  1. PayLoad
  2. War


My Gaming Experience:

 I have played PUBG lite in ios, so there are some bugs. I found and also facing some minor crashes into the game. 

I played on different devices; also, it was facing lag problems in the middle of the game.

But I suggest for low-end device gamers that they should try this game because in 1 Gb we can experience battle royale and much more my rating to this game is 4.5 Stars.

How we can Download PUBGM lite in Android or Ios:

  • For Apple Ios users, they can go to the apple app store: PUBGM lite ios.

Tell me your experience of the Pubg Mobile Lite in the comment section of the article.

 I hope you all get the specific points cleared as you want I discussed al regarding its supported devices and downloading size.

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