PUBG PS4: How to Download PUBG And Play it on PlayStation 4 (Direct Download)

Downloading PUBG PS4 in 2020 With 5 Simple Steps

  • An Ultimate step by step guidance you can follow to download PUBG in PlayStation 4 using various online Stores.
  • A Proper installation guide of PUBG in Ps4 as well as will discuss its Download size, Installation time.


We will discuss some of the offers the best deals that you could prefer for PUBG Ps4 before purchasing. In this article, you can find some of the questions which come up in our mind before buying any game in Ps4.


PUBG PS 4 free

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online battle royale where 100 of the players come together with there proper mindsets their techniques in lobby its type of classic match one who is last man standing wins the match. There are three options that you can select before getting into the game Solo, Duo, Squad.

You can also team up with your friends with at least 4 players with a small team. The journey begins you have to last till the game until the blue zone gets low and the team or solo player wins.

While the game it's available to various gaming consoles, Android, ios, PS4 that we can use to play the battle royale, and in every platform, it has different servers with different textures.

PUBG Mobile is free to play video games where the developers decided to keep its free for the people because it's in demand, so they have done the availability of the game in IOS Store for Apple devices. For Android, you can get that in Google Playstore.

Availability Of The Game

While To Download the Game You can use various gaming stores for buying PUBG PS4 like Sony's PlayStation 4 Store, you can also use G2A, Amazon, for purchasing the game. There are two options for buying PUBG PS4 like a hard copy of the game, and the other is download it on the digital version using its online store. In g2a and amazon, now you can download the game with its key also.

Options Before Buying 

  • The Base Game Which You can buy, it has been confirmed that for a base price, you have to spend around $30.00.
  • The next bundle that comes with the Survival Edition is $60.00, which includes the base game that will consist of 2,300 G-Coin; it can be used to buy the in-game items there will also be added 20,000BP and including  Vikendi (Snow Map) Event Pass.
  • There is also the Champion's Edition, which will cost around  $90 bundle in that you will get the base game, including  6000 G-Coin, 20,000BP.

Minimum Requirements 

For getting the best gaming experience, you will require 1 Player, Network Features the best internet speed, and also 50GB Minimum Space Required to installing it in Ps4, DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function, HD Video Output: 720p/1080p.

Steps Before Installation Of The Game

Some recommendations before installing the game, have the proper internet speed, Space recommendation for the game is about 40 Gb maximum.

  • Log In to your PlayStation 4.
  • Open PlayStation Store, and at the top right corner, you can find a search field.
  • Search for PUBG in the given field. Look for the standard edition of the game if you are looking to save some money.
  • Click on PUBG Standard edition. Although if you have a key, you also select the option for the key.
  • By selecting it, you have to agree its all agreement before doing transactions with credit cards.
  • The game will be added to your library from where you can monitor your game's download progress.
  • You have to wait for some time now it will depend on the internet speed you require almost 30 to 40Mbps for not wasting time.
This Much Setup is required, and also, you have to in-game settings when you open there you have to fill some of your credentials for login into the game. Even some setups like setting sensitivity controls by setting up your gaming experience will be best.

It Becomes Your choice what sensitivity you like in Ps4 If you want the game, you can get skins, and another value adds. As I suggest, everyone plays this game in Ps4 and enjoy your gaming.

Is PUBG free on ps4 in 2020?

The Answer Is no because Not free to play it also require Playstation Plus, Which will also cost more, and also you can also buy a more expensive bundle that will cost you more. Still, the advantage is that money will be added into your account to purchase in-game items if you want to buy in-game gun skins.


In this way, you download and install PUBG Ps4 with direct downloading.

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