CarryMinati,The Pro Pubg Legendary Mobile Player

CarryMinati, The Famous Youtuber, and a Pro Legendary Pubg Player as all of you know that recently completed 22.3 million Subscribers until this date. We Completely see that he is an Indian YouTuber; he likes to do the roasting.

As of you all know that he also loves to do live streaming of many games in his secondary channel Youtube channel CarryisLive.

Do You Know the CarryMinati Has Also Gaming Skills??

As we all know, apart from roasting, he also loves to play games like Pubg Mobile, Cs-Go, The Last of us 2, etc. As of now, he plays games recently. But do you about his gaming skills as everyone sees in Carry is Live he plays games like a pro.

I am watching his streams from back 2 years I know how he plays Pubg Pc or Mobile including Cs-Go he plays like a beast he has done many records In Pubg Mobile as I would like to share some of him.

I know that Everyone Knows him from the bottom of his hearts how he was from the beginning will share some of my thoughts about how he is becoming pro in Pubg Mobile.

Courtesy: Youtube Carry's Live

Some Records Done By CarryMinati(Ajey Nagar)

As I like to watch his videos, I saw these types of videos you can see, although if he plays in Pubg Mobile Tencent Gaming Buddy, you don't know how he performs in android.

Many people don't know how he is Professional in Mobile gaming also, Before 5 months back, CarryMinati Challenged Mortal for 1v1 Match in Pubg Mobile. 

CarryMinati challenged The Famous Pubg Mobile Gaming Player MortaL.

CarryMinati Legendary Battle
CarryMinati Legendary Battle

The challenge video contains CarryMinati emphasizing that it humiliated him when Mortal played much better than him in their previous meet up in PUBG Mobile. However, it has taken in sarcasm way. 

If you want to watch that, so click on this: MORTAL - I CHALLENGE YOU.

He also mentioned that people called him "Noob" for not being able to play well against Mortal in-game.

After this, our Legendary pro player mortal accepted the challenge for 1 v 1. But there is also one thing there is no hate between both of them. It was just for entertainment purposes as CarryMinati gives respect to every Pubg Mobile Esports player he confirmed it in his live stream.

After This Match, you Don't know what the epic thing happened.

CarryMinati Broke the Records With Pro PubgM Player Mortal 

Pubg World Records

Carry Minati decided to stream this video publicly as he wants fair gameplay and also wants to enjoy that video stream with his fans too. This Time both Carryminati Fans and Mortal fans were eagerly waiting for his video highlight because some of them missed that, but his stream was around 53 minutes.

After Some Weeks, he posted the highlight as you can watch: WE BROKE RECORDS - CARRY vs. MORTAL Match HIGHLIGHTS.

In the title, also, he Mentioned they broke records because Mortal was too shocked by the CarryMinati.

Because you can also see in that video, he showed the reaction of Mortal; moreover, he was shocked because the CarryMinati taking kills and Sprees Continuously by killing him. Fans were too crazy because he was playing the game like a pro who was watching the stream. There also spamming in chat.
Already 2 TDM Matches were drawn, and also they were literally laughing so much in the game.
It was like the intense situation as Mortal decided that the next Match will be the final Match.

 As in the video, you can see that people were cheering too for Carry that he will win. There were so many super chats that were sent, but he was in an intense match. He could not read more by him.
People were so motivating him as he was playing like a pro but also our legend Mortal. He is an E-Sports player too; he does lots of practice in his PubgM career.

Finally, The Game Ended And it was Won pros of the pro Mortal as it was enjoyable Carry also appreciated to Mortal for his intense Match.

Note: CarryMinati  Played This In Android device

As many people don't know, he also plays PubgM in android. For Enjoying, and even with a different name, he wants to play like an ordinary player with his fans. Some of his old streams he told that he loves to play Pubg in off-stream also.

Conclusion: As the reason for this post as he is also a pro player in the PubgM

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